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Christmas Place Himmelpfort

Heavenly beautiful - that must have been the impression the landscape around the state-recognised resort had on the Cistercian monks around 700 years ago, who finally settled at the "Gate of Heaven" and built their monastery complex on the headland between four lakes. The village is particularly impressive from the air, as here in the digital 360-degree panoramic view.

Nestled between Fürstenberg/Havel and Lychen, right in the middle of the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, there is plenty of water, forests and meadows. No less than four bodies of water surround the village of around 500 inhabitants, making it a paradisiacal water paradise: Stolpsee, Sidowsee, Haussee and Moderfitzsee.

By now, every child knows that Father Christmas lives in Himmelpfort. Every year in the pre-Christmas season, the big bearded man takes up residence in his parlour and welcomes the girls and boys with their wish lists. Every year, hard-working angels and Father Christmas answer thousands and thousands of letters that arrive at Deutsche Post's Christmas post office from all over the world. On Advent weekends, there is a lot going on on the grounds of the former monastery when the Christmas markets open their doors.

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