Torsten Sotta and Sebastian Graß make Zehdenick shine. Because these color nuances have it all. Golden and light yellow, red, copper, dark brown and even black are the colors of the beer they brew. In addition to classic varieties such as Pils and Bock, craft beers such as Imperial and Stout are brewed in the 1,000-liter brewing facility.

In winter, they form the basis of their full-bodied mulled beer. Brewing takes place in a brick hall at the harbor. The bricks, which were produced around Zehdenick and used to build Berlin, give the Havel city its face, and Torsten Sottas and Sebastian Grass' beers their names. The fruity Passion Brick - for which hops from New Zealand are fermented with passion fruit puree - is especially popular with women. The tart Rosemarys Ziegel goes well with game dishes. For this, the hops are fermented with fresh rosemary. It is precisely this extravagant blend of ingredients that makes the beers special. Their most popular, Cedenic 1216, is named after the first documented mention of Zehdenick. The town's history immediately drew historian and brewer Torsten Sotta to it. Since then, he has been regularly brewing something together on the Havel. In the future, a taproom and a store for sale are planned. Opening hours vary and are constantly updated on the brewery's website and Instagram channel (@ziegelbrauerei).

Contact: Ziegel-Braumanufaktur Zehdenick GbR, Torsten Sotta and Sebastian Graß, Schmelzstraße 9, 16792 Zehdenick, phone: 03307/4203127, e-mail: info(at) , Internet: Internet page is in work, in the future more information is available here: or of course buy directly from us in the tourist information ;-)