Goals of the project are: Through a change in behavior and the incentive of new offers, visitors should travel in a more climate-friendly way and refrain from Co2-unfriendly travel. The nature parks and their partners want to set impulses and strengthen regional networks that are committed to sustainability, make cycles visible and consolidate them, and ensure that the idea of sustainable and climate-friendly development has an impact throughout the region and becomes permanent.

Why it is worthwhile to become a nature park partner: to be awarded, to become part of a strong network, to get impulses and know-how to advance nature and climate protection goals in one's own company, to distinguish oneself in the market, to be visible nationwide, to be a pioneer and role model. More information about the project is available here: https://www.katzensprung-deutschland.de/

Who can become a partner: Location in a nature park municipality or commitment to the nature park, communication commitment, commitment to ecological sustainability in the core business, commitment to cultural landscape, regional development and nature park, commitment to the nature park partner network. Representatives of the nature park conduct a personal on-site meeting with the interested business, an award is valid for 2 years, the retification retains its validity 5 years.

The project starts with a first 2-day free training event on 22. and 23.03.2023 in Menz in the nature park. Contact is Olaf Wollf, by e-mail: olaf.wolff(at)lfu.brandenburg.de or tel. 033082/40718. Please register if you are interested in receiving a climate protection award for your offer. In this way, the nature parks would like to make the commitment of small businesses more visible and show their appreciation. The trainings and awards are free of charge. The trainings are an opportunity to further qualify yourself as an actor and to position yourself as a climate protection partner of the nature park.