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From Fürstenberg/Havel to Dannenwalde

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Ruppiner Land circular hiking trail, Photo: Studio Prokopy

The landscape conservation area (LSG) "Fürstenberger Wald- und Seengebiet" in all its beauty forms the framework of this hike, which is part of the Ruppiner-Land circular hiking trail. First of all, it is the beauty of the lakes and rivers, the silence of the water, the wide view over the areas that impress. In between there are interesting technical monuments worth seeing and thinking about. In the second part of the hike you can enjoy the landscape formed by the ice age 15,000 years ago with its gentle hills, small streams and the forest in changing formations. The pine stands are replaced by mixed forest with beech trees, a long flat meadow valley with a stream provides variety. The path is mostly well passable. Only the last kilometer on the bike path is paved, otherwise you walk very pleasantly on sandy or grassy forest paths. If you bring the necessary peace and quiet with you or are looking for it here, you will have many opportunities to observe nature, simply let it take effect on you and enjoy it. Especially in the warm season you should have swimming gear handy: The lakes are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer some very idyllic swimming spots.

Length: 24.8 km, 7 - 8 hrs. pure walking time

Start: Fürstenberg/Havel
Destination: Dannenwalde

Marking: blue circle on white background


  • Car: A10 northern Berliner Ring, AS Oranienburg B96 to Fürstenberg, parking: At the stations of the starting and finishing points.
  • Public transport: Start and finish are connected by the regional train RE 5.

Directions / Things to see, things to know

Opposite the train station, at the information boards, are the markings of the E10, the Blue Line, as well as the Blue Dot of the Ruppiner-Land-Rundwanderweg. First straight ahead, then left through the old Poststraße, past the tourist information office and the church into Baalenseestraße. Information boards explain the development of the water town Fürstenberg. At the end of Gartenstraße, a covered bridge connects the city center with Havelpark and crosses the connection of Lake Baalen to Lake Schwedt. The Havelpark has only been open to the public since 1996. Wonderful paths lead - sometimes more, sometimes less - along the water. The markings of the Stechlin running park also lead in the desired direction. If running is not enough exercise for you, you can try out various fitness equipment. The technical monument railroad ferry is worth a short stop for information. Then the route continues across the former company grounds of Faserstoff AG. The buildings have disappeared, and a leisure park is being planned on the site. The path leads through the Siggel meadows and later along the Stolpsee lake. Again and again there are beautiful views of the water and its users. Meadows and forest offer variety. Later the path follows the course of the Havel. Sometimes closer, sometimes farther, at the level of the water or high above it, to Bredereiche. Simply a pleasure. A short stretch along the road, then on side paths through the village and again on the country road straight ahead towards Blumenow. Now left into the forest. The markings on the road are missing, but there are signposts on the left in the bottom. A seemingly enchanted avenue leads to Boltenhof, another (but asphalted) to the country road. Pleasant forest paths and at the end a bike path create the connection to Dannenwalde.

Trail conditions: mostly natural paths

Maps / Literature: Topographical Leisure Map Nature Park Uckermärkische Seen Ost, 1:50,000, Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg,

ISBN 3-7490-4160-1, 6,00 Euro

Texts courtesy of www.wandermagazin.de

Tour dates

Tour start
16798 Fürstenberg/Havel

24,8 km

End of tour
16775 Dannenwalde
Ruppiner Land circular hiking trail, Photo: Studio Prokopy


From Fürstenberg/Havel to Dannenwalde
Tourist Information of the Water City Fürstenberg/Havel
Market 5
16798 Fürstenberg/Havel




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  • Arrival/departure with public transport possible
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